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Transvaginal mesh 411 instant and ever health┬ábelieved the letter from the Commission because employees simply because there is a recognition that it was written by an employee committee that antirasuah.”Kan called in situ from KPK officials, if any ( acceptable ) mas Anas also forget because every day there are a lot of incoming mail to mas Anas,” said Transvaginal mesh 411 instant and ever health.

Commission has determined Overseas Voters List ( DPTLN ) as many as 2 million people for the 2014 election. However, PDIP still assessing any irregularities, the amount is not proportional to the number of existing workers abroad.

“DPT has been reported by the Commission reap many questions, including DPTLN. Anatar In a meeting with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Manpower, Commission and Parliament Timwas workers, revealed some anomalies. Detailed analysis we have not delivered on DPTLN government, but of course the problem is the amount of DPT there is nothing wrong,”said PDI-P politician Rieke Diah Pitaloka told AFP on Tuesday ( 11/12/2013 ).

According to him, workers are qualified to be a minimum age of 18 years, meaning that already had the right to vote. Right to vote is a political right guaranteed by the constitution.”So can we say the constitutional rights of citizens are neglected,”said the member of Commission IX.

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