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What to Look for in an Identity and Access Management Provider

Identity and access management is the most vital aspect in the cybersecurity platform. Picking the right provider for your enterprise can be confusing. Poor decision making when choosing a solution for your company may make it hard and costly to make changes in the future. Thankfully, this article will help you make the right choice. The following are some of the factors to put into consideration when looking for identity and access management solutions.

Have an idea of the exact problem to be solved by the identity and access management solutions. Lack of self-knowledge hinders the success of the provider. Get know whether you are interested in knowing the exact identity of the people entering your network or in super-users and how they use their credentials. As much as many identity solution providers have their own IAM and IGA products, they will provide them according to their capabilities and the areas that need to be focused on. There are others that even have their own biometric authentication capabilities. With all these, it is important to have an idea of the areas that need help so as to factors out the available choices.

Determine the security levels desired for your identity. If you value your digital security, you will not compromise your safety at the expense of providing a smooth user experience. In cases where your business requires the customer identity and access management to be included in its IAM, it is important to ensure that the users have a frictionless experience. According to research, too much friction indicates that you have no idea of what you truly value for your business. You should, therefore, know how much friction the employees and users will be able to deal with before they resolute to choosing other businesses.

You have to know the number of identities that have to be secured. B2B enterprises need to consider third parties that will need to be granted access to the IT environment. You should have an idea of the number of third parties that are expected to visit your network on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. At the same time, remember that some of the major breaches that have occurred were because hackers infiltrated a third party.

You have to inquire on the flexibility of the IAM provider. You have to consider how the business will grow and change as time goes by. Ask yourself if bringing in new third parties and people will cause a major change on the enterprise. Given that businesses are prone to shift focus, choose an identity solution that will still accommodate you regardless of the situation.

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