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Excessive Sweating and Iontrophoresis Treatment If you are someone who is experiencing excessive sweating, then the term Iontophorosis might be familiar to your by now. This is the treatment available for people who are dealing with the problem of sweaty hands and sweaty feet. Iontophorosis treatment works by introducing a small, weak current into the sweat glands on the hands or feet to prevent them from excreting sweat for a period of time that will last up to several weeks. In a shallow tray of water, the weak current is conducted into your hands or feet, and this current is generated by the machine itself. It is still safe to use this since the electrical current is very weak as to cause harm to you. But, what it can do is to provide relief by stopping the excessive sweating for up to several weeks at a time
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The first step is to put your hands and feet in a shallow tray of water. By connecting the Iontophoresis device to the shallow tray of water, it can then provide a weak current to it. The next thing is that the current is turned on, and you need to put your hands of feet inside the tray for about 20 minutes at time. This treatment is to be repeated once a day until you can observe that the sweating in your hands and feet have stopped. Usually, excessive sweating stops after five to ten treatments.
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Some sever sweating cases may take longer to treat, but if don’t consistently, you will still one day lose the problem. To ensure that you have continued dry hands and feet once the treatment have successfully stopped,you should move to a maintenance program of treatments. Once every three or four weeks, you will be need to go through an IOntophoresis session for maintenance purposes. The optimum schedule may be shorter or longer , since this is merely an estimate. Iontophoresis machines can be bought commercial for about a thousand dollars but can be put together very easily by almost anyone for far less. Throughout the years many doctors have been getting away from Iontophoresis. Using the Iontophoresis is a working cure and a lot are wondering why doctors are turning away from it. Some have recommended the use of antiperspirants to stop the sweating. One of the issues why some people don’t like to use antiperspirants is that they need to use it daily and it gives off a medical smell. There are some who have suggested that surgery is best for severe cases. The problem with surgery is the expense. Surgery will give you side effects which are undesirable. People are led to be wary of Iontophoresis because of this. Iontophoresis devices can be ordered fro medical suppliers around the globe. The problem of selling Iontophoresis machines is its expensive cost. It seems that the cost is too high for what they do since these are simple machines.