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We’re still no license plates ( the front ). Here, said Vice @Chairman of the Dream Club Indonesia ( DCI ) Rev. Morrow pointing inside his car which was parked in front of the Mall Senayan City, South Jakarta, Sunday ( 11/03/2013 ).

Revelation shows the index, stored front license plate in the car, under the dashboard of the car Lamborghini Aventador LP700 – 4 series of hers. When the car door opened up, visible police number B 1 PGC hers.

Chairman of the Trustees DCI stated Basuki Lidin Lamborghini sports car is to @have a hard snout front number plates fitted. This is common because it is ‘ from nature ‘ anatomy made ??such a sports car.

It’s been that way from the manufacturer, said Basuki who is a businessman.

Apart from the absence of the license plates on cars Lamborghini, DCI also explains @about the custom car menggeber simultaneously that sometimes makes people around him were surprised.