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“We are expecting a report from residents terms and conditions who feel lost family members that the victim’s identity could be revealed. Accordingly, the investigation process can be helped, he said.

Until now, he said, members of Banyumas Police have been deployed terms and conditions to all parts of Banyumas including boarding houses in order to reveal the identity of the victim.

We also appeal to fellow media to inform the public about the physical characteristics of the victims and to the community if anyone might feel lost family members can come to the hospital morgue Margono Soekarjo, or report to the police via telephone access number to 110 or contact with the phone number 7946 0813 1777, he said.

Previous residents around the landfill ( TPA ) Gunungtugel, Kedungrandu terms and conditions Village, District Patikraja, Banyumas, Central Java, were surprised by the discovery of a charred corpse in one of the former sewage treatment basin on Saturday ( 2/11 ) afternoon.

Bodies without identity estimated female was first discovered by children commonly terms and conditions look trashy in the landfill. When found, the condition of the unidentified corpse was very sad because his body was broken and burned, even on his feet only just left groin.