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Scleral Contact Lenses

In this modern world, people who have eye problems or blurry vision can find a solution by simply wearing contact lenses. Not only that, it is protecting the fragile ocular surface from exposure as well as damage from the environment and even the blinking action of eyelids. Scleral lens comfort isn’t actually an issue and correcting the vision using highly oxygen permeable materials in fluid filled reservoir is just outstanding.

The truth is, scleral lenses are awesome and life changing technology that provides patient with healthy all day clear vision by healing their sick eyes from different ocular conditions and diseases. Because of the reason that these lenses are worn over the cornea, they are optimal option for corneal dystrophies as well as degenerations, corneal conditions that’s diminishing vision like keratoconus, post surgical complications, pellucid marginal degeneration, corneal scars and chronic dry eyes.

In reality, there are already several patients who are now experiencing low quality vision after having refractive surgeries like Radial Keratotomy and LASIK surgery. On the other hand, when you make use of scleral lenses, it can give you the best option of restoring quality and clearer vision while providing ocular comfort.

And for the reason that the lenses are vaulted over cornea and doesn’t touch its surface as well, you can be sure that these lenses can heal even compromised tissues that are surrounding the cornea. This is for the reason that cornea is a liquid environment. The ocular surface’s protection and healing starts taking place almost immediately due to its nature. Patients are more likely to have clearer vision from their keratoconus and other related corneal diseases as the lens offer excellent stability, comfort as well as its all day wear capability. Well of course, this is in consideration that these patients can’t have a functional vision with either conventional contact lenses or eyeglasses by the time when they start removing their lenses.

But before making a hasty decision to buy contact lenses, it is strongly recommended if you are going to talk to an optometrist. These are eye doctors who will be advising you on what is the best move to make and which brand of contact lenses to buy. However, finding an optometrist today is both easy and difficult; easy for there are many of them that you can quickly find, it’s difficult as it is quite a challenge to sift through each and every one of them. Actually, there are several ways that you can do this such as searching through the phone book and check names of eye doctors near you, do an online research, ask recommendations from family members or friends who are wearing glasses for they most likely have an eye doctor attending to them.

Questions About Health You Must Know the Answers To

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