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Hatta is an Islamic nationalist in the 2014 presidential cookies election arena. Islamic leaders emerge because of the desire for sound representation of Islam since 2009. Hatta promoted from Islamic parties are considered to be the spirit of the characters to advance the political coloring of Indonesia in 2014, said Ardian.

In his analysis, LSI judge Hatta as one of the characters with low levels of conflict. His cookies popularity made ??him lined up as a cookies potential candidate as a running mate of the duo nationalists and Islamic leaders.

LSI also displays the ideal scenario of a presidential spouse central axis. However, LSI has not conducted a survey related to couples cookies who predicted famous in 2014. But the possibility of the presence of vice-presidential candidate РIslamic nationalist ideal of a central axis like Jokowi РHatta still discourse, he said.

LSI survey conducted on 12 September to 5 October 2013 by using multi- stage random sampling method. The survey involved 1,200 cookies respondents in 33 provinces. Interviews with respondents conducted face to face using a questionnaire with a margin of error of 2.9 percent.